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Dionne Nicholls

Dionne Nicholls is a professional coach trained through  Accomplishment Coaching.

After a successful 20-year career  in the fashion industry, show more


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Dionne Nicholls is a professional coach trained through  Accomplishment Coaching.

After a successful 20-year career  in the fashion industry, Dionne transitioned to become a  leadership coach. She focuses on supporting her clients to  make significant shifts in their lives and leadership styles,  while taking a firm yet empathetic stand for their goals and  dreams.

Inspired by her own personal journey of reinvention,  Dionne dedicates her life to supporting female leaders who  are challenged with balancing their commitment to a thriving,  meaningful career and personal life. Dionne brings a level  of compassion and sensitivity to her conversations that  allows her clients to feel safe and fully present—physically,  emotionally, and spiritually.

Over the span of her corporate career, Dionne excelled in  harnessing the energy of her teams to attain company  goals using her ability to communicate and motivate  cross-functionally. A former fashion executive turned social  entrepreneur, Dionne has gone on to launch a non-profit  and host a five-star-rated podcast. Dionne uses her voice  in a myriad of ways as a speaker, moderator, and educator.  Her goal is to create equity through empathy by hosting and  facilitating workshops and events in collaboration with local  and city government agencies, high schools, colleges, and  community-based organizations in New York. Dionne’s work  has been published in Forbes magazine, she has been a  guest on the number one negotiation podcast in the world,  and she regularly appears on News 12.

Dionne is based in New York, serving a national and  international clientele.


1:1 Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Executive Coaching

Workshops & Trainings

  1. Dare To Lead (TM) Training  (10 weeks/2.5 hour virtual training/week)

Dionne is on a mission to help leaders lead and teams connect from a place of authenticity and
courage because we believe that when people do this, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.
Leaders who approach leadership from a place of humility and vulnerability are the ones who
change the world.

Individuals who are looking to expand their leadership capacity and skills

  • Leaders who want to develop powerful teams
  • Business owners who want to create an authentic culture
  • HR professionals who want to expand their toolkit
  • Coaching and Learning & Development professionals who want to go deeper into
    Brené Brown’s work
  • Community leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders

2. The RESET: How to Pivot from Powerless to Purpose (Customize from 2 Day – 8 week workshop 1 hr/wk)

After pivoting careers at the age of 40 as a single mom in a singular career for 20 years, it is my belief that ANY WOMAN at ANY STAGE at ANY STAGE can reset her life.

Dionne takes participants of this interactive workshop through a 5-step RESET process chock full of helpful tools and actionable steps that can unblock the fears and resistance holding them back and ignite the momentum they need to create a more productive, purposeful, peaceful and joyful life.

3. How to Create a Consistent Gratitude Routine to Make Your Brain, Heart  & Soul Better

Cultivating a daily practice of gratitude is just one of the ways that you too  generate a sustainable level of JOY, PEACE and RESILIENCE allowing you to go from surviving to thriving.

Dionne is also a Brand Ambassador for The Five-Minute Journal, the gratitude journal that changed her life.

The structure and ease of The Five-Minute Journal keeps you forward-thinking, prioritizing to make your day great and experiencing more joy.  And, by making it a daily lifestyle it is scientifically proven to increase overall your well-being, quality of sleep and resilience — exactly what everyone needs to set themselves up for success during the pandemic and beyond. Practicing gratitude makes your brain better, your heart better and your soul better.
As seen in Vogue, The New York Times and Entrepreneur Inc Magazine, it is considered the #1 Journal for Entrepreneurs!  Serial entrepreneur, investor, author, podcaster, and lifestyle guru,  Tim Ferris is a fan!  Over 1 million copies sold!

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