A Word from our Founder

AOC is about radical cooperation.  Our mission is to organize nationally across companies and industries.  We will share resources, network, give referrals, train together and socialize with the goal of growing our businesses and creating a powerful community that takes care of each other. And we’ll have a good time doing it all! 

Owning a business can be hard and lonely work. Our community has the added challenge of battling bias and discrimination to get ahead. We’ve all heard the stories. We’ve all heard about making a seat for ourselves at the table or making our own tables. If we come together and cooperate radically, we are capable of much, much more. 

My hope is that the AOC Directory will not only be a useful tool for us to grow our businesses through the power of community, but also a space where we can acknowledge, uplift and support each other in ways that leave us happy, grounded and proud. That is what I see at each of our events whenever we gather. 

Here you’ll find a directory of real estate agents, contractors, lawyers, wellness professionals etc. You’ll be able to learn about events happening locally and nationally so you can get to know the movers and shakers in the industry. 

Be sure to post your business today so that people who are looking for someone like you can find you where you are. Spread the word and let’s go!


Jason Christie


Polaris Homes NYC